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Level up your jump technique

Whatever your goals, we'll get there.

Perform Live explaining a detail to Carolina Kostner

As an Olympic video analysis coach, let's discuss how precise figure skating jumps can be improved through video analysis, biomechanics, and data.

With Perform’Live's scientific approach, you can profoundly enhance your skaters' skills by studying their motion, jump technique, and body type.

Our service is tailor-made and easily integrated into your coaching team.

In collaborating with Arnaud:


  • Provides an Olympic-grade coach and video analysis for technique and performance review.

  • Access high-precision tech tools supported by our expansive database, Shapes Score System©, and video library.

  • Tailors all solutions to your specific skater profile and technique.

  • Promotes skater growth through an outside perspective.

  • Enhances the understanding of jump techniques.

Transform Your Training: Embrace Advanced Analysis and Data-Focused Methods Now!

instant feedback with a figure skating coach and a skater on the ice
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Please send your ideal workshop, such as the number of participants, number of hours on the ice per day, number of working days, technical level of the skaters, location, dates, and any other information you think is helpful to establish a quote.



Marc-Andre Craig is the founder and director of Academie Performace Isatis (Chambly, Canada).

Arnaud Muccini with Marc-Andre Craig,  the founder and director of Academie Performace Isatis

Arnaud's exceptional attention to detail is evident in all his work. His precision-focused approach continually enhances our methods.



Arnaud's constant availability fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, enhancing our team's innovation and progress through a dynamic work environment.

Arnaud's open-mindedness enlivens our discussions on enhancing athletes' jumping techniques and fosters an environment of learning and innovation


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