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Online video analysis for figure skating coaches and skaters.

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Online consulting for figure skating coaches

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Arnaud Evgeni Plushenko and Alexei Mishin discussing about triple axel

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Olympic High-Performance Analyst
 Arnaud, a professional figure skating coach and certified Dartfish performance analyst, excels in guiding skaters to technical mastery and championship wins. He is recognized as a top global Dartfish video analyst.

Arnaud Muccini

The Mastermind


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Arnaud Muccini high performance analyst

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What an amazing resource. Arnaud provided me with a lot of technical information to work with and answered my questions about his data analysis. I wasn’t expecting this much.

Video analysis

Diana Lapierre


As a coach, I'm always trying to gain as much knowledge as possible and Arnaud has helped me to gain new perspectives and ideas to help my understanding of jumps to help my skaters. I highly recommended his books
and expertise.

Consulting for coaches

Yebin Mok


Arnaud's meticulousness continually improves our work methods, while his availability promotes collaboration and innovation within the team. His openness enriches discussions on athletes’ jumping techniques, fostering a learning environment.


Marc-Andre craig


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